A supernatural god watching over us ?

I’m here in the US during the 10th anniversary of the Sept 11 tragedy. Americans are remembering and grieving for lost ones. On TV someone thanked God for watching over them during this grieving. Now the logical inconsistency here is obvious.

It raises an interesting question, why do many, if not most people, keep their faith (or even reaffirm it) when struck with evidence that God is not watching over their loved ones? This God either isn’t watching or in spite of being all knowing and all powerful decided that they should suffer (perhaps God isn’t all loving?). One would think that people would question their faith and lose their religion – or adopt another nicer or more interested god. Yet they seldom do.

Sociologogists might point out that groups best handle grief by sticking with past habits, and looking to authority figures, rather than throwing away past institutions which might lead to further mayhem, even violence. So perhaps over time we evolved these responses because they benefit our social stability?

About ByronSharp

Byron Sharp is Professor of Marketing Science, and director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia
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